Funny story.. back in the long long ago, I kept a wallet on one of my toy dev laptops that I would use to test out different fun Bitcoin related websites I was building. I regularly sent small numbers of coins (you know, like 2-3 btc) to and from the wallet, so it was probabally some derpy password, but at some point I forgot it. I figured I'd stash the wallet away and it would be a fun piggybank for me to crack later. Well, I've spent the past few months grinding on it with the GPUs in my garage without much luck, so I thought it'd be fun to open it up to the community. I'll probabally update the site at some point with motivational screenshots of the wallet, and a list of things tried so far. There's a little over 25 btc in the wallet, and I'm happy to share 5 of them with anyone who can help unlock it. Good luck!

Amount: 25 BTC
Prize: 5 BTC


Here's a couple of the addresses in the wallet:

Things I've tried so far:
?d 1-9 all combinations of digits up to 9 characters
?l 1-7 all combinations of lowercase chars up to 7 characters
?a 1-6 all combinations of all ascii up to 6 characters
rockyou.txt + best64 / d3ad0ne / dive
weakpass2a + best64

Attempts from others: writeup1.txt [[ your writeup here ]]

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It's possible that the answer is some mutation of the passphrase "this is a bad password", "bad password", or some other self degrading statemnt commenting on the weakness of the password. Mutations may include 1337ifications, whitespace converted to punctuation, capitalizations, trailing garbage, etc.

The prize will go to whoever tweets the password to @deanpierce first.

Do you have a wallet that needs cracking? Tweet @deanpierce and I can put your wallet up here too.

I guess all related tweets should use the #crackmywallet hashtag, doesn't seem to be used much at the moment.